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Qatar Entertainer

About Us

Our mission statement

'To build the most comprehensive guide to Qatar online'
Our aim is to develop a unique online community centred around Qatar. We look to the entire population of Qatar and all of its visitors to tell us whats important and what we should be writing about on the website. 

If you notice omissions on the website then we encourage feedback telling us that something has been overlooked but the most important role of the Qatar Entertainer user is just to give their opinion on all that we cover on the website: from experiences good and bad on everything from a local restaurant, to the way we bring events to the public arena. It is the goal of Qatar Entertainer to be sculpted and directed by the people that stand to benefit most from the site: the users themselves, creating a vast pool of Local knowledge. 

Who's it for?

Our target audience is anyone who has an interest in Qatar, leading an active and sociable lifestyle. Our aims is to deliver events in advance of them happening, user reviews on the local restaurant, arts and shopping scenes, feature articles which engage and offer insights to others living in the Capital and lots of competitions 

Who are we?

Qatar Entertainer is owned and operated by Eazy IT Solutions an IT company based in Doha. We're all thirty-somethings (early thirties, you hear, EARLY thirties) who enjoy living and going out in Qatar. 

How do I get my business listed on Qatar Entertainer?

If you would like your restaurant or business listed on Qatar Entertainer, we have a number of options for you to explore. You may wish to contact Sales for additional advertising opportunities. 

Any Questions?

If you've got any questions about Qatar Entertainer please Contact us here.

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