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“Hello” to Whiter Teeth

May 30, 2013    
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No matter how hard you try to look good, it will never be perfect with stained and yellow teeth.  You could have sparkling white teeth by bleaching it.  In this article we will tell you all that you need to make the decision to go ahead and say welcome to whiter teeth.

The tea, coffee, cigarettes and red wine that we consume on a regular basis ends up staining our teeth and we end up with stained yellow looking teeth.  However, we could start enjoying smiling again by bleaching our teeth for white teeth.
Bleaching can be done within one hour by putting a special bleaching gel on the teeth under a cold light. 

What is Bleaching and how is it done?
Teeth can be stained and yellow genetically or you could end up with stained and yellow teeth as years pass by because of the things that we consume.  There are two ways of bleaching your teeth.
1. First method is done by your dentist will prepare a mold to feet your mouth.  Then a bleaching gel approved by US FDA will be put into the mold which will be fit in your mouth.  You will need to wear this for 4-6 hours a day.
2. Second method is done in the laboratory by your dentist using “Carbamide Peroxide” i.e. water with oxygen.  This bleaching gel is applied to your teeth for about 45 minutes by laser which whitens the teeth. This method protects the nerves and the gum as these are protected throughout the procedure by special protectors. The whiteness depends on the person’s natural teeth color.

What are the side effects?
Anyone can do bleaching.  It is easy and simple. Bleaching done at home can damage the gums as the amount to be used is not controlled and the gel that goes on the gums is not properly cleaned.  However, bleaching done under laser by a qualified dentist has no side effects.

What to look out for
The bleaching gel used on the teeth is very important.  You should always use what is recommended by your dentist.  Do not buy off the shelf bleach as it may damage both your teeth and gums.

How long is the treatment?
For home bleaching you need around five days but for professional bleaching you need only one hour.

How long does it last?
Your teeth will be whiter than before forever.  However, if you do not want your teeth to stain and go yellow again then you must stay away from food and drinks such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine, chocolate, ketchup, tomato paste that are colored.  You should also stay away from soft drinks.  You could keep your white teeth for a long time depending on your habits and care of your teeth.  You could keep using whitening tooth paste to help keep your white teeth.  You should visit your dentist every six months for regular check-ups to help you to protect and to keep your white teeth for longer.  Happy smiles.

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